Classrooms at BIA Whitefield are smart hubs with interactive white boards, digitally enhanced visual presentations displaying 2D/3D images of objects and other tech inputs/outputs that create excitement and interest amongst the students to learn and engage with their lessons. Every classroom is spacious, well ventilated, neatly maintained and furnished appropriately for all age levels.


Considering our students need their relevant spaces to read and an inspiring environment to imbibe knowledge, BIA Whitefield have left no stones unturned in providing the best library facilities in Bangalore. Juniors and seniors have separate libraries filled with the latest books, periodicals and research reports, housed in a conducive atmosphere for reading and reflection. BIA staff encourages students to make good use of the resource room with the list of books and journals being constantly updated and expanded every academic year.


The NIIT Mathematics Lab at BIA fosters mathematical awareness, skill building and a solution-oriented thought process. It offers multiple teaching and learning aids, comprising software applications, videos, measuring instruments, tables and charts that guide students on the basis of the three tenets of ‘Imagine, Investigate and Interact’. Technological tools and hands-on activities deliver engrossing methods for students to learn mathematical concepts, facts and theorems.


As one of the best international schools in Bangalore, BIA Whitefield is committed to high standards in academic growth. Our state-of-the-art lab facilities provide controlled conditions in which scientific research, experiments & measurements are encouraged to be performed under supervision and able guidance. Our laboratories are tech-savvy and provide the right learning space for scientific eureka moments.


Computer aided learning is an integral part of BIA Whitefield education. Keeping up with a technologically advanced era, a fully equipped computer lab has been built (in collaboration with NUT) facilitating proper and safe use of the internet for researching and exploring the latest online content. The lab is provided with broadband internet access which is shared with the children under strict supervision. Our aim is to enable and empower students to visualize their subjects better by using computers for hands-on learning. Our curriculum encourages our students to be future netizens of the global village.


BIGI RoboGenius Lab is based on the “Learning by Doing” methodology, encouraging students to develop problem solving, decision making and scientific inquiry skills to comprehend basic and abstract concepts in a play way method. It allows them to investigate, plan, test and implement their ideas, thus focusing on application of the CS‐STEM concepts and themes. Students are engaged in dynamic activities and by using the experience, they become the protagonists of their own learning. Students discover an exciting and important connection with real world applications, an experience that is vital for success in the 21st century. This discipline is integrated within the school time table and covers topics in the curriculum as per CBSE and ICSE boards.

Language Lab

Language is the light of mind” was rightly stated by the British philosopher and political economist, John Stuart Mills. Language is the most important tool in any form of learning. It is the means of communicating thoughts and ideas. It also makes it easy to forge friendships, cultural ties, and economic relations. To cultivate the above qualities, BIGI has set up a high-tech Lingua Lab to help students improve the concept of grammar and LSRW.

Social Science Lab

The school boasts of a well-equipped Social Science Lab that integrates equipment, apparatus and material to support an adventurous exploration of the subject. It provides a congenial work room for the pupils and teachers to conduct activities to arrive at practical solutions. A pleasant display of important maps, globes, pictures and charts and constant referrals helps them to be inquisitive and analytical.

Montessori Activity Hall

The Montessori lab is an area exclusively set apart for the holistic development of our pre-schoolers. We make sure that the child absorbs all the concepts taught in the classroom and remembers them with the help of scientifically designed activities. Montessori activities are chiefly divided into four categories: Exercise of Practical Life (EPL), Sensorial, Arithmetic and Language. The lab consists of objects such as the Pink Tower (Sensorial), Spindle boxes (Arithmetic), Sand paper tracing (Alphabet), Color Tablets (Sensorial) to name a few. As the child starts exploring, we facilitate the little minds with activities pertaining to arithmetic, linguistics and day-to-day activities of practical life such as tying shoe laces, fastening buttons, and so on.


BIA Whitefield auditorium is a spacious arena with top-of-the-line acoustics and sound systems. It is a well architected auditorium that will exponentially elevate the viewing experience in annual performances and co-scholastic activities.

Art Studio

The Art Studio is a venue in the school that attracts students of all age groups and is always buzzing with participation. At BIA Whitefield, our endeavour is to evolve even small scribblings by students towards a mature visual art form, whether traditional or modern, or a blend of both. The Art studio caters to the needs of drawing and painting skills of students and will conduct classes as part of co-scholastic areas in the curriculum.

Dance Studio

Performing art is amalgamated in the curriculum and students will be trained consistently and throughout the year to be proficient in dancing skills that are essential not only for a multitasking portfolio, but as a form of expression that promotes exercise and emotional well-being.

Music Studio

Our music teachers are experts in keyboard, tabla, guitar, percussion and jazz drums training. Our students have an option of acquiring musical skills and combining them with various activities such as vocal music for wholesome compositions or accompaniments. Orchestration skills are also part of the performing arts in the BIA Whitefield curriculum.

Swimming Pool

As a BIA philosophy, we believe that every child has an inherent ability to become an early swimmer. To bring out this ability we have created separate pools for both junior and senior students that are ozonated (chlorine free), thermostatic (temperature controlled), hygienic and aesthetically designed keeping in mind all necessary safety measures. Our specially trained coaches will be instrumental in competitive training and participation in national and global swimming events.

Play Area

The play area facilitates children with play things such as slides, swings, mini travelers, colourful see-saws, mini basketball games and more. The ground is cushioned with mats which keeps the children from getting bruised or hurt during stretching, running, jumping, bending, clapping, etc. The child finds an opportunity to relax his/her body and in turn, the ever curious mind. By constant interaction between the instructor and other fellow students, they learn and enjoy group activities such as recreation games, colour ball game, circle game, ball and balance game, throwing the ball etc., which increases their motor skills and interest level.

Indoor Sports

Sports inculcate discipline, self-confidence, team spirit, sense of belonging, pride, achievement and self-esteem. BIA Whitefield is one of the few top international schools in Bangalore that provide indoor stadium facilities. Students can enjoy Billiards, Air Hockey, Tennis, Chess, Carrom, Swimming and Martial Arts with this facility in action.

Outdoor Sports

Sports and games are an inherent part of growth and they instill a spirit of sportsmanship and healthy competitive spirit among students. Fresh air contains more oxygen than the air in a confined room and helps increase mental concentration and physical stamina. Outdoor sports boosts immunity and contributes to personality development and leadership qualities. At BIA Whitefield, we offer facilities for sports such as basketball, throw ball, volleyball, badminton, hockey, netball, cricket and more on campus to prepare future sports teams for tournament participation.


  • Learn and Shine: Spacious and well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, an auditorium. The serene learning atmosphere of the school offers just the perfect setting for peaceful pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.

  • Happy Journey: Safe and tech-enabled transport facilities for parent connectivity as well as comfortable and secure commuting.

  • Aristotles & Dronas: Well-qualified, experienced teachers and administrative staff who are appointed through a layered selection process, which has stringent benchmarks and standards. Teaching skills are upgraded through periodic training, and teachers are sponsored for training programs organized by the British Council.

  • Brunch and Lunch: Cafeteria and bakery that serve wholesome vegetarian meals with appropriate changes in the menu every week, recommended by a qualified dietician.

  • Explore the World: Field trips and educational tours/excursion trips are organized to fulfill the spirit of exploration and discovery from time to time, nationally and internationally.

  • Water is Life: Aqua-guards and water doctors at vantage points provide filtered drinking water.

  • Health is wealth: There is an MI Room to offer first aid to unwell students.

  • Microscope to Telescope: Our facilities are centres of excellence with well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The Computer Labs (senior and junior), are spacious, innovatively designed and equipped with the latest in the field of Information Technology. They are open to the entire spectrum of BIA students at the Whitefield facility.

  • Treasure of Knowledge: Our libraries, junior and senior are powerhouse of knowledge. The school has excellent libraries well-stocked with the latest books, journals and magazines besides several newspapers. They are kept open after school hours for the benefit of interested scholars. The library has a multimedia PC to update and present the data online and a large collection of informative and educational CDs. Book exhibitions by leading publishers, symposia, seminars and workshops are also conducted.

  • Perspire to inspire: Facilities for sports include well managed ground and track, tennis courts, football, cricket, basketball and volleyball courts besides several indoor games like shuttle, chess, table tennis and carrom under the supervision of qualified physical trainers and instructors.

  • Invent & Inform: In order to make the students feel home away from home a number of communication services are incorporated.