Shining Stars is our initiative to groom the kids right from very young age. In this modern day when the demands are very high and the expectations heavy
Bangalore International Academy NSVK is one of the sought after premier Institutions in South Bangalore.


As a premier educational institution, we value a hygienic, safe and adaptable learning environment. We believe in honouring each stakeholder in this endeavour of education, and continuously strive to empower children and youth to bring a difference to the world with their talent and aptitude.

our vision

  • Bangalore International Academy, Whitefield aims to inspire and empower children to excel academically and socially. Fostering students into respectful and compassionate citizens in our culturally diverse community is a prime vision at BIGI. We strive to raise holistic, global leaders of principle and value.
  • Our vision for a progressive future consists of an expansion of the diverse and wholesome learning experiences that have helped the progress and success of our presently successful endeavours.

our mission

  • BIGI stands dedicated in its vision to educate students in body, mind and spirit while providing an enriching learning experience. The school aims to value and recognize every child’s distinctive aptitude and the unique talent they’re gifted with.
  • Our mission at BIGI is to provide a secure, challenging and inspiring environment to equip students with critical skills that promote their social,emotional, intellectual and physical growth needs.
  • We aim to ensure excellence in teaching and learning as one of the top schools in Bangalore, influencing children to become independent thinkers and learners for life. BIGI forges ahead in its endeavor to build a community of educated youth, rich in the core values and morals they have imbibed in school.